--------Sunday Dance and Theater Seminars in Athens--kazouri 26.11.17

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What are the Sunday Seminars : Our body as a source of movement and expression is the mean for our spiritual liberation. Sunday seminars are dance and physical theater seminars. They aim in the exercise and expression of the body and combine information and techniques from the whole spectrum of performing arts (dance, theater, music). They are structured in a way that encourages participants to listen the rhythm, music, to allow the release of physical language, to express feelings and thoughts through movement. -

What is their duration : These are three-hour independent seminars that take place only on Sundays (from October to May).

Who they coordinate : Each time they are coordinated by different contributing artists who are members of our network. See members here

To whom are addressed : they appeal to all those who practice throught dance, are engaged in theater or wish to try

Why on Sunday : We want to contribute to the refinement of a fresh mindset that combines relaxation with valuable values such as: creation, research and experimentation, consciousness, teamwork. We would wish everyone to try and love dance and theater.----


Where : Konstantinoupoleos 38 | Studio Cumana (3rd floor) |  Athens

When : Sundays

What Time : 13:00-16:00 

Contact us : 694 486 2521

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