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We are professional artists who promote networking as a catalyst way for our evolution. Based on values and ideals, we are moving with a common philosophy and vision. We are a new innovative self-managed artistic network who rallying creative forces from the field of performing arts (dance, theater, music). See our Members here  > 



Founded in 2013 by Yiannis Mantsis based in Athens

Artistic Identity


We believe in the three arts (dance, theater, music) as an indivisible one. Through artistic activities, we want to inspire love for the miracle called Theater and embrace us with its infinite size. Art is for us the most important lever to release us and relieve us of every unnecessary and static. We want to influence the ordinary everyday human and addressed at him as being a potential artist. Our favorite emblematic phrase: 

Dance, Act, Play ... otherwise we are lost!

Our Vision


Our vision is the creation of an open studio-space of performing arts that will be a postgraduate education center for professionals artists and a spark for the promotion of art in society and everyday people. We aspire to make this space a powerful hub of development of creative trends that will bring closer artists and artistic spaces, turning needs and concerns into inspiration and creation.



The progressive approach of our vision passes through the gradual completion of intermediate goals:

V  The creation of an artistic framework of self-organization and self-management, that one it can dynamically promote the absorption of artistic products of the network in the free market (performances, workshops, seminars). This is also a way to start up of an artistic network, because it dynamically mobilizes professionall relationships within its gulf.

X  The creation of a festival, which it acts as an incentive and capacitor for the production and promotion of network activities

X  The extraversion as a way for a qualitatively expanding network to abroad, is a parameter of its rapid development.

X   The creation of a stable art space for all our activities, which strengthens the network self-organization, thus giving it a professional character.

V  The creating of our artistic audience, which is gradually trusted and trained not only to monitor but also to participate in our network activities, turning as the network in one alive cell of our society. This audience increases, as all our above goals are achieved progressively.



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