«Desert» (2013-2014)




 The urban environment "confines"  human nature and deprives it  from intellectual and emotional  nutriment. This fact, leads  to the targeted estrangement from the community,the  lack of trust and substancial communication, the indifference and  the isolation.

The continuous degradation of the value of the human being emphasizes more than ever, the need to redefine the essence of our existence and our relationship with society.






Concept - Choreography: Natasa Papamihail
Dramaturgy: Yannis Mantsis
Performers: Natasa Papamichail, John Mantsis, Fania Krestenidi ,Electra Komninidou ,Eleni Liona, Mikaela Kefalogianni, Eva Plokamaki, George Stamatakis, Loukas Theodosopoulos,

Lighting Design: Nikos Voulgaris

Photo: Nikos Voulgaris, Paulos Toris

Production: Norforsale Art Net,  Theatre OLVIO