«The Night» - Harold Pinter (2009-2010)

 The night article



The dream as well as its anticipation, overpowers. Often  is forgotten in time. Hiding consciously or unconsciously. They trounce it, these dreamers  who created it themselves, while they continue to live  within it. The dance theater performance entitled "The Night" is a reference to the human dream, which we hid from ourselves, allowingthe night to fall into  our lives







Direct - Dramatourgy : Yiannis Mantsis

Choreografy : Anthi Theofilidou

Performers : Yiannis Mantsis, Anthi Theophilidou, Vassilis Giannelos, Lia Xamilothori, Drossos Scotis, Fotis Karalis, Eugenia Sigalou, Natalia Bougadi.

Production: Norforsale Open Art Net