«I am Dying as Country» - Dimitris Dimitriadis (2012-13)




The performance "I die like Country" by Dimitris Dimitriadis, continues to be a source of inspiration for all of us since 1978, which was first released to this day. The deep faith of this man in the power of "the words in life" creates the modern, lasting power of salvation. 

In parallel requires the assumption  of our responsibilities, in an active way.

The meanness of human existence and the demolition of its value till today,  in our country as well as  almost in all  the planet, no longer leaves any room for complacency, reassuring and procrastination. "The language premeditatedly ceased to be spoken" as we enabled the words to lose their power and their value. This inevitably led us to lose the person and eventually our own selves.

We forgot to talk and write and we have closen into ourselves. We ensconced ourselves in the offered, outdated  recipes of conveniences. We created "predators" societies and we have already begun to believe in the theory of  the deadend. We may "hate this country" but at the same time deep within us, we incubate the question: "... But what will become of it without us? What it will be when nothing  would  be left of us ...? " Deadends do not exist,and for this we accord  with the words of the author himself:"  The immortality is the words. The kingdom of heaven is a soul speaking rampantly. "





Direct - Dramaturgy : Yiannis Mantsis

Choreography: Anthi Theophilidou

Assistant Director: Elena Karampoula

Production Mananger : Vasilia Tascou

Costumes: Katerina Chatzopoulou

Lighting design: Thomas Economacos

Photo - Video: Harry Farris

Music Editor: Vasia Vougioukli

Original music composition: Sofia Kakoulidou (percussion), Stratis Psaradelis (lyra)

Dancers - Cast: John Mantsis, Natassa Papamichail, Mimi Antonaki, John Pliakis, Angelos Kallinoglou, George Theocharis, Natalia Bougadi, Anthi Theophilidis, Stella Altiparmaki, Giorgos Vettos

Production: Norforsale Art Net