Five Arts (2016)

Five Arts



It is about of particular landing to the earth, that underlines the noble of hjuman. An escape from any negative with the intention of going to the way of art. Five kinds of art (contemporary, classical, Indian, African dance and speech) are combined at a beauty travel expressed by the 70 participants, students of the lab 2016 which organized by NorForSale Art Net

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Theater Director – Dramatist : Yannis Mantsis 

Choreographer : Aliki Kazouri, Smaralia Karakosta, Daphne Asimakopoulou, Christina Zanni

Voice Editing : Niskriya Kazantzidi



Performances : 11, 12/6/18  in Modenrn Theater (Evmolpidon 45, Gazi - Athens)

Producer: Norforsale Art Net