Aliki Kazouri

choreographer, dancer

I was born in Athens. I studied French Literature at the Kapodistrian University and dance at the Centre of Classical Ballet of Leonidas De Pian and for three years in Paris, London and New York.

As a dancer, I have worked with groups: "Centre of Classical Ballet" De Pian-Kammer, "Dance Group" of Harry Mandafounis, '' Apples'  of Nana Vachlia "Roes " of Sophia Spyratou, "Wrong Movement"  of Konstantinos Michos, "Sine qua non " ," Greek Dancedrama of Rallou Manou, the dance group of  Natasha Avra.

In 1993, I founded the "DANCERS" group with Maria Anthymidou and Michael Nalbandis, for which I dance, choreograph and teach in workshops. As a choreographer, I worked with "Roes", the Greek Dancedrama and DANCERS. In the  theater, in the productions of: Dialogue , Theatrical 'Aegean Exit, Troupe of Yiannis Bezos, State Theater of Northern Greece,Municipal Theatre of Volos, Patras, Agrinio, Serres etc.As a teacher, I have worked with the School de Pian, the Compagnie des Synadelphes (France ), various amateur schools, the Chorokinisi, the Dance.c.ce studio., the Fixdance studio, the Baile be barrio and  I give seminars in Greece and Cyprus.

The last 22 years I teach contemporary dance theory and choreography in the Professional School "Rallou Manu",in which I am director of studies.